Sunday, October 18, 2009

along the rails

(c)AC Dimatatac

Philippine National Railways (PNR) is consider as the oldest train operations in the country. Its history was way back 1887 when the cornerstore was laid at the present site of its main terminal building at Tutuban, Manila. It suffers considerable damages during the World War 2 but was able to be rehabilitated under Republic Act No. 4156. This law had been amended twice: first Republic Act No. 6366 enacted on August 20, 1971 which provided for the rehabilitation and selective modernization program of the Philippine National Railways; and the second by Presidential Decree No. 741 issued on July 3, 1975 which raised the capital stock to P1.5 billion. ( As years goes by this old train has undergone a lot of changes the latest was last July 2009 when President Arroyo launched the new operations of the Philippine National Railways (PNR) with its brand-new coach imported from South Korea.

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