Sunday, December 13, 2009

a different kind of exhibit

(c)AC Dimatatac
(c)AC Dimatatac
(c)AC Dimatatac

Last friday 11 Dec 09, I visited the last day of the photo exhibit "Ulingan" by the flickr group Photokalye. This group consists of kalyetographers, photogs who are into street photography. The group created this project to help out the children of the charcoal makers in Vitas Tondo. The sales of each photos will be given to them.

As I viewed the exhibit I was able to meet Joey Rico, one of the members of Photokalye and my batch mate in PCP workshop. We talked about the situation of the kids and how the group is helping out not just these people but others who are also in need. He said that the group wants to share their talents by exposing different kinds of social issues involving children to help them and get their stories out so that other people will be aware of their situations. I was inspired by the group on how they are using the art of photography for such a noble reason. I hope that I can also spend time with these simple but great kalyetographers and also help out on their cause.

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