Friday, January 8, 2010

Welcome to the land of oil and gold

People are watching the sunset in the Red Sea during the first day of the year 2010. (c)AC Dimatatac
The shore of the Red Sea is a popular place for the Arab people wherein they bring their families to have a dip in the beach and watch the sunset. (c)AC Dimatatac

A silhouette of a mosque during the last sunset of the year 2009. (c)AC Dimatatac

These two men are practicing "Sala" in which they pray one of the 5 prayer practices of the Muslim to their god Allah.(c) AC Dimatatac

Balad is one of the popular places in Jeddah wherein people can find markets that sell different stuff such as carpets, perfumes,shoes and gold. (c)AC Dimatatac

Gold is one of the common buys in Saudi some of them can be bought in a reasonable costs and one can even haggle for a much cheaper price. (c)AC Dimatatac

The photos above are just some of the stuff that I've seen in my 11 days visit in the land of gold and oil which is Saudi Arabia. This country is very popular for the Overseas Filipino Workers(OFW) and almost everywhere you go you will surely bump into one of your "kababayans". My short visit is worthwhile because I've got to witness some of the Arab people practices such as the "Sala" and how they value quality time with their families. But most of all its a very relaxing and fun vacation with my parents and younger brother.

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