Friday, July 16, 2010

manga cafe

(c)AC Dimatatac
During my second night in Hongkong my friend and I stumbled upon a book cafe in Mong Kong street. The place is full of manga (Japanese comics) and it feels like heaven :) I don't know where to look first and everywhere I go there is manga,manga and more manga hehehe. Unfortunately its all in Chinese script but that's ok because just browsing them is enough to make me happy like a crazy kid :) My friend and I then asked the lady in the counter for coffee and if the place is like a library or the mangas are for sale. The lady doesn't seems to understand English so after paying our coffee we sit in a corner and just kill time. I browsed XXXHolic and Ga Rei mangas. I told Jenny that I hope Manila will have this kind of place especially now that Japanese culture in booming in our country.

After a while we decided to left the place to meet our colleagues, but the lady in the counter stop us and asked for 20 dollars charge. I was shocked and told her, "20 dollars for browsing and sitting?!" then she just nod and we have no choice but to pay. What a ripped off but it was worth it :)

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