Friday, March 18, 2011

25 years=6 days,3 towns,1 city,1 companion,millions of fun adventures :)

Geared with my trusty 400D, my partner Ipod and enough clothes I traveled to Vietnam with my classmate Chiloy for 6 days exploring 3 towns and 1 city with millions and millions of zeroes in money :)

Day 1:

-Got lucky to have a 2 dollar discount in the taxi to the backpackers area but upon arriving in the place a guard who looks like a drunk Vietcong came out in a dark alley. It looks like he came out from a war scene and it really gives me the creeps I thought he and the taxi driver are trying to sell us hahaha but luckily we're able to get a good place to stay.

-Saigon traffic!!! Waah lots and lots of motorcycles and every time we try to cross the street we always scream

-We ate a very delicious breakfast in Cho Benh Tanh market and finally plan our itinerary haha we just need to fill up our stomachs in order to have a clear plan :)

-City tour!!!!! Art museum-hehe we didn't pay anything for this because we use the back gate to enter :) Revolutionary Museum and the building across that looks like a European place haha I forgot the name. Dong Khoi street and a park with a very interesting photo exhibit of Vietnamese photographers, cool selections unfortunately the captions are not written in English.

-The search of Fanny ice cream :) Our other classmate, Jae, told us to taste the ice cream in this place so we walk for almost 30 minutes just looking for it but its worth it. The taste is superb just the right sweetness and its truly a natural ice cream.

-Ate dinner in a newly open restaurant in Pham Ngu Lao with a buy one take one Saigon beer :)

Day 2

-Mekong Delta Trip in the islands of Ben Tre. Hmm...its not that amazing the place just looks like a normal rural area in the Philippines and the tour guide is very irritating he likes to impress himself as someone who knows a lot of Western stuff tsk...and he likes to sales stuff to

-One good thing that happen is the waterway experience and we're able to finished a half kilo of shrimps hehehe

Day 3

-Mekong Delta Trip again with floating market sights and biking!!!!

-the best noodles ever (bamboo snails noodles) and a different type of blowing the candle cake moment :)

-a visit to a Catholic church for prayers of thanksgiving and worship

Day 4

-Chu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai Temple. Experience a weird religion mixed of Catholicism,Buddhism,Taoism and witness the creative war tactics of the Vietcongs.

-Detox time hehe we're running out of budget so we just settled with a light dinner full of fruits :)

Day 5

-Remaining sights to see in the city such as the War Remnants Museum and the Notre Dame Cathedral

-Repetition of favorite dishes, bamboo snail noodles and fanny ice cream :)


-5 days straight of horror and suspense film what's with the cable channels its not even Halloween yet

Day 6

-Return home....

6 Days of fun and relaxing adventure with lots of thrilling experiences like meeting of new people seeing other places, learning new culture and most of all just living the life to the fullest.

PS. Thanks for a wonderful company Chiloy let's do this again for your bday :)

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