Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hikari part 1

Photography is a language of light----Jay Directo,AFP

I had a privilege to have a crash course in light photography from Mel Cortez, a successful wedding photojournalist and my classmate :) He introduced me to the wonders of playing with light and making good use of our usually neglected external flash hehe.

Actually I really don't like using flash in shooting but according to Kuya Mel it is a necessary skill especially if I want to excel on this profession. I must not be afraid to try new stuff and just continue moving forward (thanks kuya!!!! :)

So I'll be writing 4 parts series on light photography to share what I've learned from the master. You will surely got sick from my face once you done reading this (hehe sorry no other model available eh^^;)

Life without light is so dull

Small Source

There are three light sources: small,medium and large sources. Let's go over the small source which is our external flash:

Direct Flash-as much as possible avoid using this one especially on portraits because it only make the subject blend with the background.

45 Degrees- A bit of shadow can now be seen on the subject and I look separated from the background.

Side light- it emphasizes certain features of the face such as the bridge of the nose and cheeck bones. The effect of a side light can be seen clearly if there is a reflector on the other side (further discussion on medium source light)

Bottom Light- it gives a Dracula effect, good for antagonist type of subjects.

Top light- looks like someone is being interrogated hehe. This lighting usually erase some features of the face such as the eyes and jawline.

Rim light- it shows the outline of the body of the subject.

That's it for now, next is the medium source :)

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