Wednesday, March 30, 2011

hikari part 4

Other important stuff that Kuya Mel taught me:


Bigger shadow if the small source is almost direct to the subject

smaller shadow if the small source is tilted upwards 45 degrees.

The farther the distance of the small source the stronger the light should be for this shoot the power is only 1/32 that's why the lighting is poor.


The faster the speed the more blur of the background.

The slower the speed the more visible of the background.


Your small source can be a medium or multi directional source if you put improvised material such as white plastic on the flash bulb.

The more you give space between the plastic and the flash bulb the more multi-directional the light is because the light can travel more.

The tighter the space the more directional it looks.

That's all for now and thank you so much Kuya Mel for sharing this :) Don't worry Kuya I will practice this and hope to apply it well for my folio. Hehe kaya natin to!!! :)

note: photo credits to Mel Cortez

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