Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm always fascinated in the world of comics growing up reading Funny Komiks and sharing the adventures of Combatron,Petit, Tomas and Kulas and Eklok. Those light and action pack stories always makes me laugh and taught me a lot of stuff about life.

Last Saturday I attended the Metro Comic Con 2011 at SM Megamall and was able to meet up with some of the great artists and story tellers of comics. From the re-known artist of V for Vendetta, Mr.David Llyod to the promising writer Mr. Budjette Tan of the local phenomenon Trese, I was overwhelm to shake their hands and express my appreciation to their works. Then, I was able to see lots and lots of comics from the western to the local ones. Its good to see a lot of local artists selling their works (they remind me of the doujinshi event episode in Genshiken :)

I noticed that most of the local artists are still into manga or western style of drawing their but some of them have this distinctive quality that gives a feeling of a Pinoy made work like Trese. Cha my good friend told me about this comic book about a lady name Alexandra Trese who solves folklore cases in Metro Manila. Its not a first that Filipino comics made a story out of folklores but what is different with Trese is the setting of this folklore tale. Its a combination of modern crime scenes wherein the culprits are manananggals,aswang,tyanaks and other folklore characters. Its a good story for the new generation of Filipino youth to learn and appreciate our legends.

Only a few cosplayers are present in this event which are mostly western characters but with some anime and manga cosplayers. This is good change of phase for me because I've been working with them for the past 6 months ^_^

I'm happy to attend this event and its quite a breather from my hectic school and work schedules. Its a privilege to see, meet and witness the beautiful and interesting works of this master story tellers and artists.

Kampai to the comics world!!

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