Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One of a kind nature trip

Have you ever been to a nature trip in which you have to see with your own eye a nuclear power plant reactor? Well its one heck of an experience and thanks to Greenpeace I was able to have one last June 11,2011.

The trip was organized to highlight the possibility of this moth-balled nuclear plant to be a tourist spot. This facility was built during the Marcos era and faced a lot of controversial issues like safety and corruption. The person in charge of the plant even joked that this place might be jinx :) Now its undergoing another phase again but hopefully this will work fine for the good benefit of the people.

I can say that the whole tour is absolutely awesome as I quote Francis Dela Cruz, public outreach coordinator of Greenpeace, “How many people can put a photo on Facebook of themselves taken from the middle of a control room of a nuclear power plant?”

more info on BNPP turning tourism

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