Tuesday, August 30, 2011

to be inspired again

Despite the heavy rains last Sunday I attended my classmate Mel Cortez one day wedding photography workshop on his office in Katipunan. Its an information overload day but its worth it. Here's what I've learned:

- in photography professionalism is the no.1 asset that one must learn and practice diligently

- be a versatile photographer be friend everyone (photojournalists,wedding photographers,advertising photographers, fashion, everyone :)

- photojournalism is not only applicable for news its techniques and language can be apply to every genre of photography

- it's not enough that your a good shooter you should also learn to be a good business minded person if you want to succeed in the commercial side of photography

- break the rules!!!hehe that's the only way that you will learn your own techniques

- no matter what achievements you received always be humble

- always share your knowledge always in order for the craft to continue to flourish

- wedding photography is harder than documentary because it has its own discipline and its own ways but you will surely survive as long as you know how to play it well

Lastly, practice and practice and practice your craft until you get better with it and always be open to changes because that's the only way you will survive in photography.

Thanks Kuya Mel, Sir Edwin, Sir Edgar and fellow workshoppers for a day full of learning and inspiration :)

*photo courtesy of Mel Cortez

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