Saturday, September 24, 2011

day 343: cubao X

We had dinner and drinks at Freds last night, a bar restaurant in Cubao X which is used to be known as Manila Collective a photo-cafe place. Cubao X is one of my favorite hang-outs in QC, it held a lot of good memories like the time when my college friends used to participate in the annual garage sale, the late night meetings of PCP batch 5 in which always ends up in drinking and talking rather than meeting haha :) and the time when DPJ Batch 6(Diploma course Photojournalism in ACFJ) edit some photos.

(photos courtesy of my friends Nishant top and LJ bottom)

This is also the place when I first get drunk haha thanks to my adviser Sir Alex Baluyot but its a good memory because of all the brain storming that we did for my portfolio.

There are rumors that authorities will take the place down and replace it with a condominium but I doubt it will happen. Cubao X has been a significant place not just because its a market for selling goods but also a place for artists, cooks and book lovers.

I hope it stays so that future generations will have fun experiences such as mine ^_^

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