Friday, September 2, 2011

Day 364: Hero

Yesterday I mentioned personal as a theme for this month, what do I mean by this? When I conceptualize this project I thought that this will serve as my way of educating and inspiring people on a single photo that I've shoot that day. In order to do so I thought it would be better that in each month or weeks there will be a theme that I will focus on for better story telling and for it to look more organize ^_^

Anyways for this month its personal. For me photography is a very personal medium, its a way of expressing my thoughts and feelings about anything. For this month I'll introduce myself day by day by the photos that I will post.

For 2nd day the title is hero. I'm an anime/manga/comics fan since elementary and it has a huge influence to who I am today. Mga Munting Pangarap ni Romeo,Card Captor Sakura, V for Vendetta are some stories in which I've learned a lot about real life, such as friendship, dreams and love. I think I'll be a fan of these literary pieces for the rest of my life and if ever I'll have children of my own I'll share these inspiring stories to them.

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