Monday, January 2, 2012

day 259-247: the best of 2011

Time for some reflections, the following 12 photos are the highlights of my 2011.

January- its good to see my college friends again after so many years.

February- my first try in shooting wedding (thanks for the opportunity Kuya Mel sa uulitin :)

March- spending my birthday in Saigon with my dear friend and classmate Chiloy ^_^

April- taking lighting sessions with Kuya Mel as preparation for my portrait portfolio for ACFJ

May- after one year of studying and 6 months of working for our final portfolios, we're finally done weeh!! Thanks so much for all our mentors and for the good memories and hardships my dear batch mates hehe kudos to all :)

June- Coron!!After our 2 weeks of sleepless nights preparing for the defense its time to sit back, relax and enjoy the beach weeh!!

July- its good to be back in our province after 8 years maupay!!

August- ever been inside a control room of a nuclear power plant?hehe this is one heck of an experience!! hoping the government will covert this mothball BNPP into a more productive way as a tourist destination rather than operating it again.

September- again another once in a lifetime experience to enter a cold storage area for fish the temperature is below 8 degrees Celsius brr.....

October- my first solo exhibit, Realities a photo story on Cosplay being shown in SM Mall of Asia during the 2011 Cosplay Mania thanks everyone for making this possible :)

November- travel again hehe this time in Angkor Wat wherein I met new friends and great photographers

December- after 4 years its good to spend Christmas with the whole family in the Philippines :)

2011 is a good year thanks to my family, friends and all the blessings and challenges Lord God for this new year I pray that Your will should be done again Glory be to the Highest!!

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