Thursday, February 9, 2012

Day 215-213: Birthday Song

Yesterday is our Nanay's 86 birthday and almost everyone in the neighborhood attended her party. Chicken, fish, pancit and lots and lots of cake we're served and of course our dear lola is excited in entertaining them. Its good to see that she's healthy and drinking beer again hehe.

As the day ends her best friend came along to spend a few days with her. I overheard them talking and laughing over a television show and it makes me think of Tatay. I know she's missing him a lot after all its been 8 years since he passed away but as I look at her I know that she's happy and contended with her life. She's a very strong willed woman who is blessed by a loving husband and a good family. I wish to hear her hearty laughter more in the coming years and continue to be an inspiration for all of us.

As a took this photo of her it makes me think of the "Birthday Song" of Don Mclean. I know that if Tatay is alive he will surely sing this to her. Hehe so 'Nay ako na lang muna ang magdedicate ng kantang eto para sayo....

Birthday Song

If I could say the things I feel, it wouldn't be the same
Some things are not spoken of, some things have no name
Though the words come hard to me, I'll say them just for you
For this is something rare for me this feeling is so new

You see, I love the way you love me
I love the way you smile at me
I love the way we live this life we're in

Long ago I heard the song that lovers sing to me
And through the days with each new phrase I hummed that melody
And all along I loved the song but I never learned it through
But since the day you came along, I've saved it just for you

You see, I love the way you love me
I love the way you smile at me
I love the way we live this life we're in

I don't believe in magic but I do believe in you
And when you say you believe in me there's so much magic I can do

Now you see me, now you don't: watch me dive below
Deep down in your love lake where the sweet fish come and go
And I might sink and I might drown but death don't mean a thing
'Cause life continues right or wrong when I play this birthday song

I learned from you, and you can't even sing

We love you Nanay and happy happy birthday!!!

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