Tuesday, October 9, 2012

whirlwind september

My September was just full of "adventure time" especially at work...

We trek the head waters of Montalban Rizal to document stories of people living near the Tayabasan river. We learned from them that their so-called "tubig linaw" (clear water) is not so clean and pure anymore. It was already a victim of pollution due to a certain industry up stream. They only hope that there will come a time where they can enjoy the crystal clear water just like how it used to be.

On the second week, is the start of the water patrol expedition of Greenpeace a 3 week long trip along the waters of Marikina to Laguna Lake. Its a joint effort together with the local groups of San Mateo and Marikina to investigate possible polluters of the river.

After that I found myself riding a 13km bike ride from Taguig-Sucat. It was not in the original plan to take the ride but it was fun :) Despite of wearing jeans and a polo I still managed to reach the finish line :)

Then on the third leg of the expedition I volunteered myself to be a zombie in a peaceful and creative protest inside the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). Straight from the airport, I was immediately transformed into a punk zombie hehe its like we all just emerged from a scene in the famous zombie series "walking dead"

Lastly, we wrap up the expedition with a serenade night of talents and thanks giving for all the hard efforts of everyone in making the trip a successful event :)

Weeh! So lucky to be part of this crazy organization from trekking,to water boats, to biking, to zombie and then to serenade hehe so much adventure in a span of 3 weeks :) Sa uulitin mga katoto!!

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