Wednesday, November 7, 2012


During the long weekend I decided to unwind in the northern mountains of Kalinga. I visited my miner friend in her hometown in Balbalasang. Its a 18-20 hours trip from Manila, it is tiring but so worth it :)

Top load.Heavy duty jeepneys are used as the main transportation going to Balbalasang

 Chico River. Its rapids is famous for white water kayaks

Balbalasang town proper

The whole town consists pf 177 households, they are all from the tribe of Banao and Ilocano is their native language. They're main source of livelihood is farming and some of them participates in small-scale mining in some areas in Kalinga. The town is powered by micro hydro power plant from the Tupang River. Another river that flows within the area is called the Saltan River, consider as the cleanest river in the whole Region I.

Saltan River consider as the cleanest river in whole Region 1

It's a very relaxing break being surrounded with all the greenery scenes of the mountains and being able to feel its cool breeze during the early mornings and evenings. I had a great time with the family of my friend and feel so welcome even though that's the first time I met them :)

The cool mountains that covers the whole town of Balbalasang 

My friend takes her sister son for a quick dip in Saltan River

A regular day in the mountains

 Fooling around the top of the world :)

I hope its beauty will be preserved for the next generation.


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