Sunday, March 7, 2010

capturing hearts

(c)AC Dimatatac

Last March 6, I went to a Christian church called Christian Reformed in Payatas together with my friends from PCP(Philippine Center for Photojournalism) and the flickaristaindios to do an outreach program for the youth and the families of the church. The program is a project of the indios, a flickr group of photographers from different walks of life. This is their second outreach and its my first time to join them.

It's a good way of spending my Saturday with this bunch of great people because I was able to witness how they are willing to share their skills in photography and at the same time reach out to those who are in need. I hope that they group will continue to grow not just as photographers but to do more work like this. I'm sure they are still a bunch of people out there who are in need of someone like them who will go out and give their best to really capture their hearts.( more photos on this site

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