Thursday, June 10, 2010

one quiet saturday afternoon

(c)AC Dimatatac

This post is long overdue but better late than never :)

My first saturday in Manila (cause I just recently move here) was spent hanging out in my friend's place. We decided to cook a dinner before going to the party. Lea did all the preparations, I did help a bit (hehe now I know how to cook seafood chowder :) but most of the time I just have a photo session with her cats. She have 4cats present in their veranda and I especially love Baboy (I miss you Baboy). Well that is not his real name he is just called Bab and his other half is named Boy. So everytime Lea called them together they're Baboy because their are identical chubby yellow cat :)

I enjoy my stay in their place because it was the appropriate break from the stressful two weeks at work. I'm looking forward to have another quiet weekend afternoon next week after I finished my first subject in ACJF.

I miss you anxious cat Baboy :)

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