Thursday, June 10, 2010

on campus

Photos courtesy of my classmates (Chiloy and Didit thanks guys :)

I'm already down to my 4 days on campus time in Ateneo for the Diploma course in photojournalism and so far this is what I've learned:

-that new media is the future of journalism

-cinematic journalism is a very interesting stuff to explore

-latests gadgets are just tools in telling a story what's the real deal is never forget the basics

-nothing beats the power of television

-a few years more dslr will be face out and ipod touch will do the job. that little gizmo can do anything man!

-despite the technology and the new developments in the world of journalism, journalists are still poor

-they're still a little market for photo essay.

-citizen journalism another tough competition for the professional this also a new way of exploiting the public?

-how events have change 2 decades ago, now rallies are on schedule you just have to go to the meeting time and place and take photos of the 'campaign stunt'.You can even stage it in anyway you want and here is the catch activists didn't even bother to go to a venue they just went out their office and pose their placards. Kuya Mel and Robby (my veteran PJ and writer classmates) are saying gone are the days were there are long lines in rallies and the activists are really putting a lot of effort in voicing out their demands.

-how to distinguish if the photo is stage or not (haha funny discussion guys looking forward for a more livier sessions)

-how a news room of print and online media operates

-the sad reality that the professional PJs are facing in their toughest competitor, the online media photogs

-photojournalism is about people, telling a story of people but never get too attach to them and remain neutral no matters what

-photojournalism is a very hard profession that requires a lot of commitment and passion mabuhay kayo mga PJs saludo ako sa inyo

In a lighter side

-Its good to know the different culture and photojournalism style of the countries of my classmate

-latest gadgets are not that helpful if they are too noisy hehe peace kuya mel :)

That's all. Looking forward to another day of new learning

Oopss before I forgot, Tsup tsup mwaah!mwaah! means shut up!love hehe

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