Saturday, June 19, 2010

Rest day in Lucban

(c)AC Dimatatac

Photos from my one day visit in Lucban Quezon with my classmates in ACFJ. We went to the church and the hill of "Kamay ni Hesus" (Hand of Jesus) a place of worship and pilgrimage for the Catholic devotees. On the top of the hill a huge statue of Jesus Christ is situated and before reaching the place the devotees have to climb about 1000 stairs and pray on the station of the cross that they will pass by.

After visiting the hill, we ate "halo-halo" a delicacy made of shave ice and sweet jellies. They served it differently here than in the city because they put it in a tin can. Then, we visited a souvenir shop wherein I met a very cute and sweet cat named "miming" :). After that we visited the oldest church in the city, the church of Lucban. Built in 1595 and was ruined in 1629. The second church was constructed between 1630-1640 but was seriously damaged by fire in 1733. The present church was completed in 1738.

The day is not enough for us to tour the whole city but we certainly enjoyed the sites and the company of each other. Its a fitting break from one whole week of studying :)

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