Monday, August 16, 2010

kanawan comeback

My batchmates in PCP(Philippine Center for Photojournalism) 5th photography workshop returned to Kanawan, Morong Bataan last Saturday to visit the aetas and to fulfill our promise of showing them their photos that we've taken last year.

It begins in MC Donalds...(c) Pierre-Emmanuel Michel

The three goons of PCP Batch (From Left: Rey,Jojo, Vincent ) (c)AC Dimatatac

The propose exhibit area (c)AC Dimatatac

We meet up at 6AM in MCDO Q.Ave then we traveled for almost three hours (including our 30 mins stop over under the stoplight in Subic :) until we reached the office of our Subic colleagues. We rested for awhile then went to the propose venue (the Lighthouse hotel one of the most prominent hotels in SBMA) for the launch. Its a good and sophisticated place and then we held a meeting in the hotel to access the stuff to be done and to propose the date of the launch. After the ocular we had lunch back in the office then prepared ourselves to the hike to Kanawan.

We begin our trip at before 1pm, we rode the coaster courtesy of the Subic pips (Anthony,David and Carlos thanks guys :).We were drop off in the border of Morong and Subic and started the trek down to the town. We reached the place at around 2pm and we were greeted by the Brgy.Captain and the elders. We told them our purpose of the visit and they prepared a place for us (the chapel) to set up the projection of the photos.

Jojo explaining the purpose of the project to the Kanawan Tribe (c)Vincent Go

We started of with a little introduction done by Jojo explaining our project of putting up a photo exhibit about them and provide some help for the community thru the exhibit. Then we projected our photos and tried to explain to them each stories. Its nice to hear the children laughter every time they see their face and to see the nods from the elders.

After the projection we open the table for any comments and the first thing that we heard is that, "The photos are ok but its a little bit dark" said the Brgy.Captain. We explained that its because of the projector that's why it appears dark then we show them again the photos using the laptop then they said "Ah it is true, the photos are bright enough." (hehe some preparation eh :)

Overall they're ok with the photos they just wanted to be informed and invited on the day of the exhibit. They also asked us what we can give back to them. We said that we cannot promise anything that big, it will all depends on the funds that we can gather but we were open to whatever they request from us and access it in the end if we can deliver it. One of the elders said that they want help in reclaiming their ancestral land, we could only publicized it.

We stayed for a few minutes more taking photos of the people and visiting one of the plant nurseries of the elders. At around 4PM we begun our trek back home, Cynthia(the songbird of Kanawan :) together with her twin sister accompanied us up to the store and sings her songs along the way. Her voice was still that same sweet voice that we appreciate so much last year.

Hehe tired but still happy (c)AC Dimatatac

After saying our farewells, we begun our hike uphill which was the most challenging part of the trek. Thanks to Jojo's every-20-sec-jokes we were able to survived it in one piece :) We just freshen up ourselves in the office then begun our trip back to Manila.

After a tiring hike, a one round of beer is good enough to unwind (c)Vincent Go

Our adventure didn't end there we decided to unwind and have some beer in Mogwai, Cubao Ex. After one round, Jojo and Lani (his wife) decided to call it a night while Vincent,Diana, Bogsi and I accompanied Ray and Leah to MCDO until the resume of their bus trip to Batangas and Laguna.

We stayed until 3AM and we just killed time talking about a lot of things.From playing toy cranes to the wild party in the forests of Tiaong Quezon we just shared silly stories just to keep ourselves awake (but Leah can't help it :).

..It ends in MC Donalds (c)Vincent Go

The day was quite tiring but fun. Let's just hope that we can finish this project and fulfill our promise to the tribe and at the same time enjoy the company of each other.

See you all again soon guys. Let's keep the fire going :)

PCP Batch 5 (c)Vincent Go

*thanks for the photos guys (Pierre and Vincent :)

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