Friday, September 3, 2010

priemiere night

Last Monday our batch 5 of PCP workshop held a meeting on the plan Kanawan exhibit. It was also Diana's birthday and Jojo's despedida party. We meet in 1962 and a lot from the batch came (LJ and Denvie, Chris and her friend, Pierre and Loren, Ray, and Vincent), we talked about the stuff that needs to be done and its a looonnnnggggg lists of things to do :( Hope we can pull this through especially now that Jojo ("our leader") is leaving to teach again in China and Ellen is in hiatus because of her work and church mission. Hay...but no worries we can do this as long as we keep the fire going hehe :)

After the meeting we decided to crash to Kuya Luis place to watch the premiere night of Truths (a documentary on abortion film by Kuya Luis). Kuya Luis and Mommy V gladly welcome us even though we're so many (hehe :). Mommy V taught us how to bake blueberry muffins and rice crispies. She keep on supplying us food of all kinds baked macaroni, bread, chips, the baked cookies and of course beer :).

At around 8 pm everyone was glued to the TV watching Truths, it was shoot using Canon 5D Mark 2 and it was cool! The cinematography is good and the video is very vivid especially the close-up shots of the interviewees, its very clear and has a good depth of field quality (hehe the wonders of using DSLR lenses for shooting video)

After the show we congratulate Kuya Luis for a good story and production then we spent more time in their place just talking, baking and shooting. Other people came, Bam, Isi, and Leanne and we all just hang out till 1am.

Its a wonderful night of celebration, learning and farewell. Thanks you Kuya Luis and Mommy V for letting us crash into your place sorry if its so sudden hehe till next time.

See you soon guys :)

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