Wednesday, December 1, 2010


One of the most challenging and fun assignments that I have in our history of photography class is to shoot in a 1800s look. Most of the photos during this era are overexpose with a little vignetting effect especially on the portraits. I also observe that outdoor photos then are overexpose and no camera was able to capture movements of the people.Therefore I decided to combine both of the techniques and shoot the common scene in the streets of Manila and here are the results:

Barges are one of the main mode of transportation in Pasig River. In the background is Rehina Building, a neo-classical structure built in 1934 which served as headquarters for insurance companies when Escolata was still the main financial district of Manila.

A street peddler arranges the newspapers that he collected and prepares for another day of roaming around the streets of Escolta Manila in search of old junks.

A worker stands in front of the fork lift during the construction work in Binondo Manila.

A kid standing in the middle of the busy crowd in Lacson Underpass, Quiapo Manila.

Quezon Boulevard with less traffic during the long weekend of All Saints Day holiday.

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