Friday, October 21, 2011

day 317-313: workers in the streets part 2

Here is part 2 of the street photography season

Ukay-ukay.Mother and daughter look at the used clothes for sale in an "ukay-ukay" or "surplus store" along E.Rodriguez Manila. These stores are very common in Manila because they sell designer used clothes in a very cheap price. 20 October 2011

Easy repair. A lady watches the repair man as he do some remedy on her umbrella along the streets of E.Rodriguez Manila.20 October 2011

Angry bird in pink. A balloon vendor arranges his "angry bird" products along the streets of E.Rodriguez Manila.Angry birds is a popular game for android phones and tablets.20 October 2011

Parking lot. Green tricycles park along a bank in E.Rodriguez Manila waiting for passengers.20 October 2011.

In between. A vendor of cold bottled water sells his products along E.Rodriguez Manila.20 October 2011

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