Friday, October 21, 2011

day 322-318: workers in the streets

From day 322-313 I'll be posting 10 singles of street photography. These type of photography is telling a story on what is happening in the streets. For me its almost the same as photojournalism but the difference is your telling the story of common people.

Here is the first part. The 10 photos are all taken in just one day and most of them are just in one avenue.

Breakfast.A vendor of soya or commonly known as "taho" is selling his product to a passerby along Lacson Ave., Manila. Taho is a Philippine staple comfort. food made of fresh tofu, vanilla syrup and pearl sago. 20 October 2011

Start of a day.A man arranges leaves from different plants in his stall in Dangwa Flower Market in Manila. Dangwa is known to sell fresh flowers originated in various provinces in North Luzon.20 October 2011

Hanging job. Cable workers fix a street signage for passengers along Espana Boulevard, Manila.20 October 2011

Resting. A vendor of rags rest along a sidewalk in E.Rodriguez Manila.20 October 2011

Livelihood.A vendor of pineapple sells his products along the streets of E.Rodriguez
Manila.20 October 2011

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