Sunday, December 4, 2011

day 276-266: 6 days, 3 countries, new friends, great adventure :)

Where was I a week ago hmm let the photos tell you my tale...

Bus terminal in Bangkok to Siem Riep. I've waited for about 7 hrs before I can board that bus argh!!!

The culmination of AngkorWat Photo Festival 2011. This last night of the festival they showcase the works of 27 young photographers who participated in this year's workshop. I was able to be inspired and to meet new friends and great Asian and Westerner photographers. What a great night of learning, drinking and just having fun hehe :)

Angkor Wat temple!!! Weeh got a tiring and fun tour together with Chiloy's batch mates in the workshop. Too bad were not able to see all the temples but at least we got this nice sunset

After walking in the temple I finally experience a very tickling foot massage :) and its only for 2 dollars with free beer

Phnom Penh a four hour bus trip from Siem Riep, we only stay here for one night just to see the photo festival.

One of the exhibit story in the Phnom Penh photo festival. Its a work of one of Chiloy's batch mate, I just love the lighting in these photos. Good portraits!

Back in the city of motorcycles hehe. Good evening Saigon!!

A pretty cat guarding the bag store ^_^

The greatest ice cream in the world!! Haha why is it that we always have a hard time looking at this place imagine we even go inside a travel agency just to ask for directions ^^;

What a good way to spend our last night in Saigon, eating in our favorite noodle place :)

Great travel, new friends, inspiring photos hehe life is good :)

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