Sunday, December 4, 2011

day 282-276 portraits

My most favorite type of photography is portraits because it focuses more on the emotions and real life situation of the subjects. Here are some portraits I've taken this year.

This is the famous "Zorro" from UP Diliman he's a popular face in big rallies or if your just jogging in UP Oval you'll frequently see him. Its just straight shooting, full body to emphasize his costume and blur background

An old woman reading a newspaper in her make shift house along Pasay Road. This portrait give more sense of place of the subject and taken in a candid way.

An environmental portrait of a fireworks maker in Baliuag Bulacan

This is Kuya Monching a punk pedophile from Recto Manila, another environmental portrait. Doing black and white portraits are good because it emphasize more on the shadows and highlights of the subject's face.

My friend's batch mate in this year's AngkorWat Photo Workshop. The best lighting that you can get in an indoor portraits is the window lighting. See its effect on the face of the subject.

Cosplay!! Hehe my favorite subject in doing glamor portraits are cosplayers as you can see they are very colorful and they know how to pose :)

This is my latest portrait taken by my good friend Chiloy in AngkorWat just a week ago. In doing outdoor portraits maximize available light and always open your eyes in spots with good lighting and composition hehe just like this one (thanks friend :)

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